Everyday Business Projects and Solutions

No project is too small. We provide coverage for a wide range of software and hardware solutions. LegionaryTech is an IT Consulting company which means we will work with you to find the best solution that meets your needs. Some examples of past projects include advanced Microsoft Excel workbooks, web based solutions, graphics, and hardware support.

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Web Sites and Hybrid Ads

Bizabu.com is the web host component of LegionaryTech. Bizabu.com specializes in full featured ad space for small to medium-sized businesses. This hybrid ad space is a cross between a classified and owning your own website. We provide an affordable alternative for business owners who do not have the experience, time, and resources required to maintain a website. We focus on the success of your hybrid ad so that you can focus on running your business. Discover Bizabu.com



IT Infrastructure Design & Implementation
Do you require servers and software to support your growing business, but unsure where to start? Our founding members have years of experience building and deploying modular enterprise systems for mission critical applications. Whether this is a new project or you are simply refurbishing legacy systems. We help you evaluate your IT posture and provide the services you need to to get your systems up and running.


C4ISR Consulting

Our members have years of experience supporting U.S Army Combat and Combat Support units around the world. We know what it takes to support the warfighter and understand the risks associated with degraded digital capability. Unlike other support elements we will embedd ourselves with your S6 section to work side-by-side with your Signal Officer, Automations Officer, and or Warrant Officer. Does your unit require additional C4ISR support? We provide embeded C4ISR support  to Washington Based Units. 


Custom IT Solutions 

Don’t be intimidated by the various technologies and services. We are here to help you find the best solution that meets your business needs. We work hard to ensure that your IT solution is manageable and affordable. We will work with you to develop affordable service plans or turnkey solutions. We are mission focused and committed to getting quality. This is because we know that you need to focus on your business rather than fighting supporting technologies.


IT Security

Our highly motivated consultants bring a blend of real-world technical experience, talent, and industry knowledge. We assess your physical and logical environment to identify weaknesses and patch the holes in your security perimeter. Dedicated support is available, but your business must first meet our compliance standards. We will help you meet that compliance level and help you enforce your security policies. Don’t think for one minute that your company is too small to consuder IT security. Contact us today to start securing your digital future.